On Dynamic Interactions Between Body Motion and Fluid Motion

  • Frank T. SmithEmail author
  • Samire Balta
  • Kevin Liu
  • Edward R. Johnson
Part of the Studies in Systems, Decision and Control book series (SSDC, volume 200)


This contribution on dynamic fluid-body interactions concentrates on applying mathematical/analytical ideas to complement direct numerical studies. The typical body may be of given shape or flexible depending on the context. In the background there are numerous real-world motivations in industry, biomedical and environmental applications, many of which involve high flow rates. A review of ideas developed over the last decade for cases of high flow rates first addresses inviscid approaches to one or more bodies free to move within a channel flow, a skimming sharp-edged body on a free surface, the sinking of a body in water and the rocking or rolling of a body on a solid surface, before moving on to more recent viscous-inviscid approaches for channel flows and boundary layers. The beginnings of certain current research projects are also outlined. These concern models of liftoff of a body from a solid surface, the impact of a smooth body during skimming and viscous-inviscid effects in the presence of more than one freely moving body. Linear and nonlinear mathematical properties as appropriate are described.


Fluid-solid interactions Channel flow Skimming Lift-off 



Thanks for support are due (FTS) to EPSRC through grant numbers GR/T11364/01, EP/G501831/1, EP/H501665/1 during part of this research, and (SB) to the Republic of Turkey for financial support. The authors would like to thank the Isaac Newton Institute for Mathematical Sciences for support and hospitality during the programme. The Mathematics of Sea Ice Phenomena when part of the work on this paper was finalised, supported by EPSRC grant number EP/K032208/1. Thanks are due to Roger Gent and Richard Moser at AeroTex, Rob Lewis at TotalSim, Sarah Bee and Mark Honeywood at Sortex-Buhler and UCL colleagues Robert Bowles, Nick Ovenden and Sergei Timoshin for very helpful discussions on body and particle movement in near-wall shear flow.


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