Optimization of the Hardware Costs of Interpolation Converters for Calculations in the Logarithmic Number System

  • Ilya OsininEmail author
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The logarithmic number system (LNS) is an advanced alternative to the widely known in a computer technology representation of floating-point numbers. It provides greater accuracy and speed of computation with a comparable range of representation of numbers. However, the widespread use of LNS is prevented by the need to apply interpolation to convert numbers from the traditional format and back, and to perform addition/subtraction operations. Known solutions are oriented to interpolation by a first-order polynomial, which does not allow the use of double or quadruple precision due to exponential growth of hardware costs. The work is devoted to minimizing hardware costs by optimizing the order of the interpolation polynomial and the interpolation step for computations over numbers of different width. The results of the work can be used to develop arithmetic devices that operate with numbers in the LNS and are optimized for the level of hardware costs.


Logarithmic number system LNS Interpolation Accuracy Polynomial 


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