IGIP Multilingual Glossary

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International Society for Engineering Pedagogy (IGIP) uses Global English as the working language of its conferences and publications. The analysis of ICL/IGIP 2017 Conference Presentations showed that English is a foreign language for more than 80 per cent of its participants. This fact causes certain problems for using and understanding Engineering Pedagogy terminology. To solve these problems IGIP launched a project aimed at compiling a multilingual Engineering Pedagogy glossary. “IGIP Multilingual Glossary” consists of the English core – basic Engineering Pedagogy terms and their definitions followed by translations into the target languages of the countries participating in IGIP activities as its National Sections. The paper describes the structure of the Glossary, the word entry, the Chapters of the main Subject Part, the problems that occurred during the work, and the ways of their solutions. The IGIP Working Group “Languages and Humanities in Engineering Education” is responsible for this project. The electronic version of the Glossary will be uploaded to IGIP site and it will give the opportunity to add new terms as soon as they appear in the professional communication.


Engineering pedagogy Terminology Multilingual glossary 


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