Analytical Approach for Virtual Classification of e-Health Interventions and Medical Data Sources Integration

  • Cherrat LoubnaEmail author
  • Khrouch Sarah
  • Ezziyyani Mostafa
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 914)


This paper aims to helps, facilitate, and improve the efficiency of care, and allows real-time monitoring of patients. In fact, it allows collecting and archiving of heterogeneous medical data in centralized, virtual and secure sources. The main aim of the paper is to improve the efficiency and the quality of care and improve patients’ lives through optimal information sharing between doctors and professionals. It also contributes to ensure the continuous monitoring of patients. This innovation in this field of e-health can solve, with a perfect cost control, the challenges related to the health care system. In the second hand this article aims to establish an interactive component at the application layer of the system as “Serious Game” for patients, physicians, professionals, and students in medicine. For physicians and students the device acts as an interactive guide that simulates a medical consultation and can implement all stages of diagnosis, including information gathering, simultaneous notes taking, and physical examination with instruments, so that a doctor would be able to perform a complete assessment of the health state of the patient. Moreover, our solution allows physicians and/or professionals to simulate a whole collaborative training in an educational online game, capable of improving the quality and safety of medical practices. As an example, the solution allows to train professionals in the operating room to avoid all risks before performing a complex surgery. For patients, this component offers schematic solutions that are well adapted to their conditions. Patients learn techniques of cognitive behavioral therapy to address symptoms of depression and become well assisted in their rehabilitation. For instance, patients would be able to deal with negative thinking, solve problems, better plan their activities, and learn how to relax. Our solutions will be applied to two basic application fields.


ARCHIMED Health care system Medical consultation Cognitive behavioral therapy E-health 


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  • Cherrat Loubna
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    Email author
  • Khrouch Sarah
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  • Ezziyyani Mostafa
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  1. 1.Faculty of SciencesChouaib Doukkali UniversityEl JadidaMorocco
  2. 2.Faculty of Sciences and TechniquesAbdelmalek Essaâdi UniversityTangierMorocco

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