Coronation: Consort to Royal Power

  • Katarzyna Kosior
Part of the Queenship and Power book series (QAP)


This chapter analyses consort coronations in the context of two different monarchies and demonstrates that the coronation perpetuated and extended dynastic legitimacy by anointing the queen as the mother to the future king and incorporated her into her husband’s body politic. The ritual bound the queen’s agency to her husband and children through prayers, gestures, objects, and setting. The chapter discusses the location, preparation of coronation space, ordines coronationis, regalia, and the participation of clergy and nobility to demonstrate that a consort coronation created a narrative of her status and role in a particular political setting by subtly adapting its form to suit absolute and elective monarchy. It grapples with terminologies applied to coronations and regional patterns of crowning consorts to understand not just the ritual but also its real-life value for queens consort.

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