Organizational and Economic Problems of Systemic Modernization of Enterprises of the Machine-Building Complex

  • A. B. VishnyakovaEmail author
  • B. Y. Tatarskih
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The relevance of the research is connected with considerable attention to questions of modernization of enterprises of the machine-building complex. The development of the national economy is defined first of all by organizational and technological potential of the machine-building complex which value is underestimated so far. Researches show that in industrialized countries, particular importance is attached to this complex that is connected with production of means of labor and technical systems of ensuring economic and defensive potential. It should be noted that in the last 20 years in industrially developed countries, the share of machine-building production in the total amount of industrial output made from 30 to 50%, and it was 20% in Russia. At the same time, it is necessary to consider both qualitative characteristics of machine-building production and its demand in internal and external markets. The result of expenses characterizes mainly extensive development of the machine-building industry. Statement of the problem: justify the direction that can modernize the domestic machine-building industry on the basis of innovative—technological potential; represent the main directions connected with attraction of investment resources to the sphere of the machine-building complex in the conditions of sanctions and state policy of import substitution at increase in negative political factors. A research objective is to define development options of the machine-building complex in modern difficult economic conditions. Results of the research are to justify the organizational and economic mechanism of increase in rates of development of the domestic machine-building industry.


Machine-building Industry Reserves Factors Modernization Innovations Technology Potential Efficiency Material and technical resources Technologies Dynamics resources 


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