Using Artificial Intelligence in Analyzing and Predicting the Development of Stock Prices of a Subject Company

  • V. Machová
  • M. VochozkaEmail author
Part of the Contributions to Economics book series (CE)


Stock prices are developing very dynamically and nonlinearly. The stock price is affected by a number of factors. Stocks are therefore characterized by asymmetric volatility, non-stationarity, and sensitivity. Given these facts and the unpredictability of a global crisis, it is logical that the process of stock price prediction is a complex task. Traditional methods for price prediction are no longer enough; new applications and techniques, such as artificial neural networks, are coming to the forefront. The aim of this contribution is to analyze and predict the evolution of the stock price of Unipetrol, a.s. on the Prague Stock Exchange using artificial neural networks. Stock price data is available between January 2006 and April 2018. The data file is first analyzed. Subsequently, a total of 10,000 multilayer perceptron networks (MLPs) and a basic radial function network (RBF) are generated. A total of five neuron structures with the best characteristics are preserved. Using statistical interpretation, it is found that in practice, the MLP 1-17-1 network is applicable in one business day prediction.


Stock price development Artificial neural networks Prediction Time series 


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