Economic Considerations for Complex Mixture Drugs

Part of the AAPS Advances in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Series book series (AAPS, volume 32)


This chapter focuses on naturally derived complex drug products from an economic and regulatory point of view. Key stakeholders in the healthcare industry (e.g., physicians and payers) have been using pharmacoeconomic evaluations to make critical decisions, such as those pertaining to prescription and reimbursement coverage. The cost-effectiveness analytical tools used to conduct these evaluations are herein introduced. The pharmacoeconomic studies on commercially available naturally derived complex drug products are reviewed prior to discussion of the future prospect of these products.


Pharmacoeconomic evaluation Incremental cost-effectiveness ratio Naturally derived complex drug products Botanicals Heparin Enoxaparin Glatiramer acetate 



The author would like to thank the editors, his professors, classmates at MIT, his colleagues at Tasly Pharma, and his friends for their constructive and inspiring advice. Special thanks to author’s parents for their indispensable support.

The work was completed when the author was studying at MIT.


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