FBM Helps SVB to Improve PGB Service

  • Jean-Paul KosterEmail author
  • Roel Baardman
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Processes describe consecutive activities that must be performed by different parties in order to provide products or services. These processes use a common data model from which facts can be requested, inserted to, changed in or deleted from. This in order to realise the requested services or products. The organizational unit DPGB of the Dutch SVB is partly responsible for the execution of the processes that provide the services regarding personal care budgets, i.e. the PGB-domain. The complete PGB-domain is being described, from the data model including all applicable rules and concept definitions, to the processes and the services. These descriptions are done implementation independent, among others by detaching processes from any means of communication (internet, phone, paper) and by detaching from implementation locations within the PGB-domain. A global conceptual model is developed for the complete PGB-domain and divided into local conceptual models depending on the chosen implementation locations, which also provides insight in the communication structure between the chosen implementation locations.


Fact-based modelling Process modelling Global and local conceptual data models 


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