A Lean Architecture for Blockchain Based Decentralized Process Execution

  • Christian SturmEmail author
  • Jonas Szalanczi
  • Stefan Schönig
  • Stefan Jablonski
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Business Information Processing book series (LNBIP, volume 342)


Interorganizational process management bears an enormous potential for improving the collaboration among associated business partners. A major restriction is the need for a trusted third party implementing the process across the participating actors. Blockchain technology can dissolve this lack of trust due to consensus mechanisms. After the rise of cryptocurrencies, the launch of Smart Contracts enables the Ethereum Blockchain to act beyond monetary transactions due to the execution of these small programs. We propose a novel lean architecture of a Blockchain based process execution system with Smart Contracts to dispense with a trusted third party in the context of interorganizational collaborations.


Business Process Management Blockchain Collaborative process management Choreography processes Process execution 


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  • Christian Sturm
    • 1
    Email author
  • Jonas Szalanczi
    • 1
  • Stefan Schönig
    • 1
  • Stefan Jablonski
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  1. 1.Universität BayreuthBayreuthGermany

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