Some Parameters and Properties of Biomass Fuels

  • Cataldo De BlasioEmail author
Part of the Green Energy and Technology book series (GREEN)


The main parameters of some kinds of biomass feedstock are given here as reference to simple energy balances where they can be utilized. The chapter presents data from diverse sources and starts by giving the properties of biomass in terms of its physical parameters. The evaluation of the calorific values (treated more extensively in the first part of this manuscript) is followed by data on the proximate and ultimate analysis of diverse kinds of biomass. The main parameters required for an overall energy balance are given, and this is followed by proximate and ultimate analysis numbers for different species. In addition, data related to agrofuels are given with the related air requirements for its combustion, and this is followed by combustion properties of peat, minor agrofuels, and related. The section continues with some tables where several data on the parameters, composition, and combustion properties for different types of biomass are given. Notions of stoichiometry are provided at the end of the chapter.


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