Preliminary Concepts

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The goal of this third part of the manuscript is to give explanations of some preliminary notions of thermodynamics. Selected arguments are considered here since they are acknowledged to be useful in consideration to the concepts treated in the previous parts of the manuscript. In the first chapter, some of the elementary notions of molecular weight, conservation of mass, and degree of reaction are given along with internal energy and enthalpy and specific heat capacity. The chapter continues with the explanation of the first law of thermodynamics and gas laws. A remark of the meaning of reversible processes is also given with some detailed explanations. In this part, the author has put some emphasis on the concepts of pressure and energy with the detailed explanation of the kinetic model. In this section, the reader could familiarize well with the concepts of energy and pressure. The change of states of an ideal gas is treated with the aim of thermodynamic diagrams. The chapter ends with an illustration of the macroscopic balance for energy in a considered system.


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