Risk Identification in the Sphere of Quality Under the Conditions of Digital Economy Development

  • T. A. Korneeva
  • I. A. Svetkina
  • E. S. Morozova
  • A. S. ZotovaEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Intelligent Systems and Computing book series (AISC, volume 908)


The essential character of the publication is based on the fact that management of an economic entity in the context of the digital economy development and continuous transformation of technologies and management methods requires the development of new approaches to quality management. It should cover the entire set of organizational forms of coordination of actions in the field of quality, implementation and management of these activities in the enterprise, as well as maintaining relationships with the external environment. One of such approaches is risk-based quality management performed at all stages of the product life cycle. The process of identifying risks in the field of quality is a characteristic feature of an economic entity activity, especially in a digital economy, when any product with specified quality parameters is available to a consumer using digital technologies. During the process of identifying risks associated with quality, a number of organizational and methodological issues are expected to be addressed, this article is devoted to a discussion of the main ones.


Digitalization Digital economy Economic security Risk management policy Risk identification Risk Quality 


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