Evaluation of Routing Performances in MANET Based on Pause Time Variation of RWP Model

  • Younes Ben ChigraEmail author
  • Abderrahim Ghadi
  • Mohamed Bouhorma
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Intelligent Transportation and Infrastructure book series (LNITI)


Mobile Ad Hoc Network plays a major role in facilitating communication between autonomous entities in different application fields. Moreover, nowadays applications require nodes to move from their initial position. Therefore, mobility of nodes in mobile ad hoc network represents the main issue that should be addressed carefully while designing routing protocols. The purpose of this paper is the evaluation of the impact of node mobility on routing protocols. Hence, DSDV, DSR and AODV have been implemented using Network Simulators NS2 and then we assessed the efficiency of each protocol under a particular scenario in relation to performance the QoS metrics such as latency, Throughput, Packet delivery ratio and routing overhead. Moreover, simulations were carried out using several pause time value and Random Way Point (RWP) as mobility model. The study shows that AODV has better performances in high mobility level.


Mobile ad hoc networks (MANET) Routing protocols Mobility QoS NS2 


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  • Younes Ben Chigra
    • 1
    Email author
  • Abderrahim Ghadi
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  • Mohamed Bouhorma
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  1. 1.Computing, Systems and Telecommunications Laboratory, UAE-FSTTTangierMorocco

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