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Part of the Christian Faith Perspectives in Leadership and Business book series (CFPLB)


Throughout this book, the focus has been on the two summative commandments: to love God and love our neighbor (Matt. 22:37–40). We can do both of these commandments through organizational citizenship behaviors, obedience to managers, commitment to the organization’s values and policies, commitment to stay with the organization, emotional intelligence, deep acting when engaging in emotional labor, active listening and showing empathy when interacting with peers and superiors.

Workplace ethics is the concept of doing the right thing for the right reason from the employee’s perspective. The book includes an examination of Proverbs 10–22 for instruction on how to be righteous and wise. In addition to defining both mentoring and discipling, the Biblical concept of akoloutheo as a foundation for a higher-order form of discipling and employee development was presented. Also included were the concepts of integrity, credibility, and accountability from the employees’ perspective.


Commandments Organizational citizenship Managers Commitment Organizational values Workplace ethics 

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