Digital Television in EU in Terms of Increasing Demographic Fragmentation of the Audience (A Cross-National Research)

  • Nadezhda MitevaEmail author
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The coordinated transition from analogue to digital terrestrial broadcasting in the European Union (except in Romania) is completed process. One of the positive results of the digitalization of television is the allocation of valuable frequency resources (digital dividend) for future development of modern telecommunications services, including distribution of video content. The ageing of the population in Europe and the entering of the Millennials generation the labour-market define the balance in consumption of traditional and contemporary television services. The future of digital terrestrial television in Europe is guaranteed until 2030 and it depends on the ability to find hybrid solutions to watch live, diverse, multiplatform and convenient media content.


Digital transition Digital dividend Hybrid television Viewing habits Millennials 



This text has been developed within the framework of the COST Action of the European Commission: CA 16211: Reappraising Intellectual Debates on Civic Rights and Democracy in Europe, supported by the National Scientific Fund of Bulgaria: DCOST-01.25-20.12.2017.


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