Greater Occipital Nerve and Lesser Occipital Nerve Blocks

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There is a large number of published data on peripheral nerve blocks (PNBs) for headache but most are related to clinical experience rather than well-designed randomized placebo-controlled studies. Further studies are therefore needed in order to widen the use of PNBs in clinical practice when considering that PNBs are cheap and safe, and provide rapid improvement in some types of headache disorders.


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Supplementary material

Video 4.1

Greater occipital nerve block (GON). Two ways to reach GON. Proximal approach is one approach injecting approximately 1.5 cm lateral and 3 cm below the external occipital protuberence. Distal approach is located approximately 1/3 of the distance on a line from the external occipital protuberence to the center of the mastoid. Performed by palpating the occipital artery approximately one-third between the occipital protuberance and mastoid process then infiltrating local anesthetic medial to the artery (MOV 100153 kb)

Video 4.2

Ultrasound guided GON block. Palpating the occipital artery and injecting just medial to the occipital artery where GON is located (MP4 66268 kb)


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