Graphene and Allies as a Part of Metallic Photocatalysts

  • Annelise Kopp AlvesEmail author
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Metallic photocatalysts are materials that present a metallic behaviour relating to the mobility of the electron in their energy band. Conduction and valence bands in metallic conductors are very close or overlap; thus these materials have a small or absent energy gap separating the occupied and empty energy levels. Graphene, for its turn, is an atom-thick sheet of sp2-hybridized carbons that is considered a zero bandgap semimetal material. It has an electrical band structure that permits a very rapid conduction, i.e. electrons have high mobility with little scattering, thus acting like an electron pool, promoting charge separation and rapid transfer in photocatalytic applications. In this chapter a brief review of the main methods to obtain graphene and derivative graphene oxide and reduced graphene oxide is presented, alongside with examples of their use in photocatalysis.


Graphene Reduced graphene oxide Photocatalysis Metallic photocatalysts 


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