From Jebel Marra to Blue Nile: Violence in Darfur and Oromia

  • Tsega EtefaEmail author
Part of the African Histories and Modernities book series (AHAM)


The underlying cause for the Gumuz militia attacks on Oromo villages in western Oromia and the loss of thousands of lives and properties was political rather than economic. Never before such organized attacks ever occurred between the two friendly communities. Since the formation of the regional states, disputes and tensions had been on the rise. In various districts, there were sporadic clashes between Gumuz and Oromo, the two friendly communities who had a history of peace for a long time. The boundary tensions, lack of cooperation, and mistrust between the two regional states had contributed to full-blown armed violence in 2007 and 2008. The chapter also addresses the countdown to the 2003 Darfur rebellion including the Arab-Fur war (1987–1989).

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