Research and Application on Waste Heat Recycling and Preheating Technology of Iron-Making Hot Blast Stove in China

  • Xin LiEmail author
  • Fuming Zhang
  • Guangyu Yin
  • Chaozhen Cao
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China is the country with the largest steel output in the world. During the process of iron making, the blast furnace consumes a lot of energy. The hot blast stove system is an important system for providing high-temperature hot air to the blast furnace, and its energy utilization efficiency has an important influence on energy conservation and emission reduction. This paper analyzed and compared the use effect, thermal efficiency, technical characteristics, and development prospects of different waste heat recycling technology, based on the research and application of different waste heat recovery and utilization methods of hot blast stove system in different projects, such as tubular heat exchangers, heat pipe exchangers, plate heat exchangers, preheating furnaces, and combined preheating methods. Furthermore, this paper gave some recommendations for the future development path of waste heat recycling technology of hot blast stove system.


Hot blast stove Iron-making Energy recycling Heat exchanger Preheating 


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