Holed Theatre as Response to Globalization

  • Verónica Rodríguez


The chapter begins with a discussion of the connection between the concepts of neoliberalism and globalization. It then situates the concept of globalization within the contemporary while acknowledging the links with processes such as colonisation. The chapter deploys David Harvey’s theory of space, Zygmunt Bauman’s notion of negative globalization and Jean-Luc Nancy’s idea of mondialisation in order to introduce Greig’s theatre’s nuanced understanding of globalization. Exploring first the notions of “cosmo(s)politanism”, internationalism, the local and nationalism in relation to Greig’s work, the chapter finally moves on to exploring its main thesis—holed theatre as a response to globalization. Drawing attention to globalization’s championing of individualism and objecthood, Rodríguez argues that instances of undone time, space, character and narrative—which define holed theatre—in Greig’s theatre pursue a critique of globalization’s ills.

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