The international conference ArtsIT that began in 2009 has grown since its inauguration presentation in Taiwan. Since then it has been hosted twice in Denmark, 2011 and 2016; as well as in Italy 2013; Turkey 2014; and most recently in Crete, Greece in 2017. The international conference Design, Learning and Innovation (DLI) was inaugurated in 2016 as a co-located event to ArtsIT being presented together in Esbjerg, Denmark; in 2017 in Heraklion, Crete, Greece; and in 2018 in Braga, Portugal. The series of conferences has realized over 108000 Springer e-book downloads at September 2018 and numerous special issue journals. This paper presents past aspects of ArtsIT/DLI from the perspective of steering persons having purpose to offer readers a historical framing of the events under the European Alliance for Innovation (EAI). This is supplemented by overviewing the authors’ researches, which promoted EAI to invite leadership, alongside a background of the complementary workings, and contextual goals of the partnering.


ArtsIT history DLI history European Alliance for Innovation 


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