Case Number 21

  • Asaf Goldschmidt
Part of the Archimedes book series (ARIM, volume 54)


In this case Xu discusses an ailment called chi 痓 which is one of the Treatise’s three disorders of the Mature Yang tract. However, in the Treatise the discussion of this disorder is limited and it appears only nine times. Moreover, the Treatise does not list a treatment for this disorder. It is unclear why Xu chose to devote one of his 90 cases to this disorder, unless it was common during his lifetime yet no treatment was on record. In this case the patient’s body is hot but his feet are cold, his neck is stiff and he has convulsions. These symptoms are often associated with wind pathology; hence Xu informs the reader that one doctor treated his patient for Wind Strike, which only worsened the patient’s condition. Following Xu’s correct diagnosis, he treats the patient with two prescriptions.


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