The Patriarch: Joseph F. Hair

  • Anne Gottfried


Kennesaw State University Doctor of Business Administration Cohort 4 speaks about the great facilitator Joe Hair, fondly nicknamed the Patriarch. And you may be wondering, where did the name “Patriarch” originate from when referring to Joe? This name was first voiced during a discussion Anne Gottfried, DBA doctoral student, was having with Brian Rutherford, a member of Anne’s dissertation committee. Brian asked Anne a question, “So, Anne, you are giving me (Brian) and Marko Sarstedt (also a member of Anne’s dissertation committee) the nickname ‘Kings’ when referring to the field of marketing and scholarly achievements? If we are ‘Kings’ then what is Joe?” And Anne immediately said, “Joe, he is the ‘Patriarch.’” Patriarch bar none, Joe Hair is in a very select academic league with an international reputation as a distinguished eminent scholar, yet so approachable and admired by so many. Perhaps there’s a connection to his humble beginnings or his sheer perseverance in surviving the very political world of public higher education. Only Joe can tell us. Everything Joe touches turns to gold and third-generation legacy are some of the topics that are discussed. This essay concludes with the expression: there is no question mark Joe is the patriarch.


Joe Hair Patriarch Gold Legacy Cohort 4 KSU DBA 


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