Joe Hair: Adventurer, Scholar, Innovator, Family Man

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Joseph (Joe) Hair has advanced thought in multiple fields and had significant impact on businesses. In particular, he revolutionized the worlds of marketing and research methods through his writing and research. His accomplishments as a scholar are countless, as reflected by an impressive publication record and numerous disciples who call Joe their mentor and friend. Through his forward-thinking and great talent, Joe has also helped reform traditional doctoral education by creating a highly innovative alternative model enabling executives and business professionals to leverage their practical expertise and supplement it with the skills needed to conduct theoretically grounded and scientifically rigorous research to prepare them effectively for teaching and research positions in academia and industry. This chapter provides a brief summary of Joe’s accomplishments with an emphasis on his leadership and mentorship in doctoral education. No account of Joe’s accomplishments would be complete without addressing what a wonderful family man he is who never ceases to inspire others.


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