Responding to the rising wave of demands brought forward by the digital economy requires injecting accelerated agility and speed into the software development life cycle. To build a technology stack that helps meet this demand, the DevOps methodology bridges the gap between software developers and the IT maintenance and operation professionals, by combining them into a unified team aligned around shared business goals, based on automation solutions that support rapid response to user demand while preserving stability and reliability. The concept of DevOps with its high pressure on automation, extended from application development to the maintenance and operation infrastructure, fosters more in-depth attention to the performance of infrastructure management.

This paper discusses how dynamic orchestration of infrastructure delivery in Cloud environment accelerates agility in the DevOps process, by enabling rapid deployment of dynamic workload.


DevOps Infrastructure agility Dynamic orchestration 



The authors are grateful to Alessandro Menti and Giacomo Tirabassi of Kiratech, Italy, for the precious comments they provided on the intent and contents of this paper.


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