Optimization of the Velocity Profile of a Solar Car Used in the Atacama Desert

  • Dagoberto CifuentesEmail author
  • Lorena Pradenas
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Global energy demand has undergone a substantial increase in past decades because of the rapid increase of the global population and the energetic consumption of new production technologies. As a result, a change is necessary in the global energy generating matrix, in which the sources originate primarily from renewable energy sources. The main renewable energy source may be solar energy, and one of its applications is solar mobility. A world-class solar racing car exists that requires a rational use of velocity and energy to minimize the time spent in a race. A total of three search metaheuristics were tested to achieve an efficient velocity profile for this car in the Atacama 2018 Solar Race: Genetic Algorithm, Simulated Annealing and Iterated Local Search. The three methods provided similar results, with Simulated Annealing being the one that provided better solutions.


Hybrid electric vehicle Energy management Metaheuristics Solar competition 


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