Embedding Space in Society

  • Bas Martens
  • Alexander GairisebEmail author
  • Carl Eriksen
Part of the Southern Space Studies book series (SOSPST)


This chapter provides an examination of embedding space applications in African societies, and the analysis is linked directly or indirectly to the legal and policy aspects of space activities in African countries that provide for the environment of any embedding exercise. Therefore, the outcome of the analysis of legal and policy frameworks of individual countries presents an opportunity to provide mechanisms for entrenching space applications in African societies. Consequently, some of the recommendations made in relation to legal and policy aspects of space in individual African countries form an integral part of the means to embed space application in African society. However, embedding space in society requires some fundamental requirements or prerequisite to exist within the society, and these prerequisites are informed by reviewing the African space activities. The chapter then creates a graphic overview of how space is embedded throughout the African continent, by looking at their involvement through space-related treaties, institutions, government engagement, and technology development. These findings reveal, for instance, regional focal points for the space industry, and the strengths and weaknesses of various countries. An overview of all African satellites and their functions is also given, and how they fulfil the user needs over the whole continent.


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