From Ambient Assisted Living to Society Ambient Living

  • Laura BurzagliEmail author
  • Pier Luigi Emiliani
  • Simone Naldini
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Electrical Engineering book series (LNEE, volume 544)


The developments of TLC networks and computer-based equipment allow the test of the Ambient Intelligent (AmI) concepts. In this paper these ideas are discussed from the perspective of activities carried out as an effort to help people (mainly old people) to live independently and comfortably. Three levels of implementations are discussed: the present situation, where intelligence is mainly meant as the use of computer-based equipment, able to adapt their behaviour to different users, the developments in progress, where equipment are connected under an intelligent control in the environment, for the implementation of functionalities and the communication with other supporting people, and future extension to the entire communication network, where intelligent user agents are able to look for potentially interesting contacts and negotiate to check promising opportunities, before involving users themselves.


Intelligence Environment Services 


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  • Laura Burzagli
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  • Pier Luigi Emiliani
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  • Simone Naldini
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  2. 2.MathemaFlorenceItaly

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