New Models in Managing Out-of-Hospital Care of Chronic Patients and Aging Population

  • Ilir Qose
  • Raffaele Conte
  • Francesco Sansone
  • Alessandro TonacciEmail author
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Success story: When Care and Informatics know-how embrace patients’ needs and make possible new Out-of-Hospital Integrated Care Models. Healthcare is reforming to focus on the patients, to put them in the center of care and have medical professionals around them, working together in a collaborative and efficient way. Important not for profit Care providers, like Cooperatives, are playing a central role, upgrading to Integrated Solutions Coordinators. Patient engagement is crucially important in raising the level of care, and the involvement of non-medical professionals can further improve the treatment outcome. The usage of a collaborative healthcare platform can therefore provide significant benefits to the patients, and such positive results can be achieved in a user-friendly online environment.


Aging Care models Healthcare management Out-of-hospital care 


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  • Ilir Qose
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  • Raffaele Conte
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  • Francesco Sansone
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  • Alessandro Tonacci
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  1. 1.AiCare SrlAnconaItaly
  2. 2.National Research Council of Italy, Institute of Clinical Physiology (CNR-IFC)PisaItaly

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