Electrochemical Behaviour of ECAP-Processed AM Series Magnesium Alloy

  • K. R. GopiEmail author
  • H. Shivananda Nayaka
Conference paper
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Equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) is a technique for inducing high strain into the material to achieve ultrafine grain refinement. AM80 magnesium was processed by ECAP with processing route BC. ECAP-processed samples were tested for microstructural studies and electrochemical measurements. Potentiodynamic polarization test revealed decrease in corrosion current density due to uniform refined microstructure of the processed samples. Increment in charge transfer resistance (Rt) was observed for ECAPed samples with increase in capacitive arc diameters in Nyquist plots showing increased corrosion resistance in comparison with as-cast condition. The increment in corrosion resistance is because of grain refinement and uniform dispersal of intermetallic particles, which improved development of protective layer and bonding due to increased grain boundary density by ECAP process.


ECAP AM80 Microstructure Grain refinement Electrochemical measurements 


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