Recent Progress in Development and Applications of Mg Alloy Thermodynamic Database

  • Rainer Schmid-FetzerEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the The Minerals, Metals & Materials Series book series (MMMS)


Recent progress in the development of the thermodynamic database for multicomponent magnesium alloys, PanMg, is summarized and applications are highlighted. Precipitation simulations by combining thermodynamic and mobility databases for Mg alloys with the PanPrecipitation module of Pandat are also summarized. These simulations can serve as virtual experiments to understand the effects of alloy composition and heat treatment condition on the target properties therefore providing guidance for the design of real experiments, saving time, and reducing cost. Applications of PanMg are exemplified in a wide spectrum of Mg alloy design and related processing parameters, such as new creep resistant cast alloys, castability and hot-tearing susceptibility, semisolid metal processing, ductility design and extrusion, kinetics and precipitation simulation, low density high entropy alloys, corrosion and recycling alloys, and oxidation and surface design. The usefulness of the CALPHAD modeling tool in Mg technology is demonstrated in more detail for the selective high temperature oxidation of Mg alloys using calculations with PanMg.


Database development Magnesium alloys Computational thermodynamics Kinetics Applications 


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