Effects of Li on Microstructures and Corrosion Behaviors of Mg–Li–Al Alloys

  • Yang Li
  • Tingchao Li
  • Qilong Wang
  • Yun ZouEmail author
Conference paper
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The microstructures and corrosion behaviors of three Mg–Li–Al alloys are systemically investigated by changing the Li concentrations. The Al addition in the Mg–Li–Al alloys with different Li contents results in various intermetallic compounds: the AlLi formation in the Mg–3Li–6Al alloy as well as the AlLi and MgLiAl2 formation in the Mg–9Li–6Al and Mg–15Li–6Al alloys. The formation of AlLi and MgLiAl2 intermetallic compounds plays a significant role in the improvement of corrosion properties. The corrosion performance of the cast LA36, LA96, and LA156 samples can be ranked as LA96 > LA156 > LA36.


Mg–Li alloy Microstructure Corrosion-resistance properties 



This work was supported by the National Science Foundation of China (51705470, 51801185), Key Research Project of the Higher Education Institutions of Henan Province, Henan Provincial Department of Education, China (18A460032, 19A460007), and Special Research and Promotion Project of Henan Province, China (182102210009).


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