The Shrinking Space of the Third Sector in Israel and Turkey

  • Sultan TepeEmail author
  • Aviad Rubin


The governance of civil society in Israel and Turkey offers systems that are similar in some aspects yet substantially different in others. Notwithstanding, in both countries the space granted to civil society organizations, especially those that promote liberal values and challenge state policies, is increasingly constrained by the governing parties and ideologies of the last decade. Consequently, the ability of these groups to articulate independent views and advocate them in the public sphere in Israel and Turkey has been drastically curtailed over the last few years. We begin this chapter with an overview of civil society regulation and development in Israel and Turkey over the years. Later, we investigate in more detail the experiences of four civil society organizations (CSO), namely the New Israel Fund (NIF) and Breaking the Silence (BTS) (Shovrim Shtika) in Israel and the Capitol Women (Baskent Kadin) Group and the Association for Human Rights and Solidarity for the Oppressed (Mazlumder) in Turkey.

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