High-Fluence Ion Implantation of Polymers: Evolution of Structure and Composition

  • Vladimir N. PopokEmail author
Part of the Springer Series on Polymer and Composite Materials book series (SSPCM)


The chapter presents an overview of the effects and phenomena leading to structural and compositional evolution of polymer materials under high-fluence ion implantation. Ion stopping mechanisms and degradation of polymer structure due to radiation damage are discussed, giving examples for different ion species and polymer types mostly focusing on the low- to medium-energy regimes. Typical depth profiles and tendencies in depth distribution of impurities as well as the related changes in composition of the implanted layers are analysed. The emphasis is put on the high-fluence implantation of metal ions leading to the nucleation of nanoparticles and formation of composite materials. A special case of cluster ion implantation is also discussed. Change in mechanical, electronic, optical and magnetic properties of the ion-implanted polymers is under the consideration in the final part of the chapter also including a brief overview on applications of these materials.


Ion implantation High fluences Polymers Radiation damage Metal-polymer composites Metal nanoparticles Applications of ion-implanted polymers 


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