Review on Application of Artificial Intelligence in Photovoltaic Output Prediction

  • Dianling Huang
  • Xiaoguang WangEmail author
  • Boyao Zhang
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With the development of photovoltaic, the distributed power grid has begun large-scale interconnection, which has an impact on the stability of the network. Distributed photovoltaic output is intermittent and stochastic. It is affected by climate and environment conditions such as sunlight, season, geography and time. It is difficult to accurately model and analyze the characteristics of distributed photovoltaic output. More and more artificial intelligence methods are applied to the photovoltaic output prediction and produce good results. This paper introduces the importance of photovoltaic prediction in photovoltaic power generation, then briefly gives what is artificial intelligence, and enumerates a large number of applications of artificial intelligence methods in photovoltaic power prediction. Finally, the direction of future research on photovoltaic power generation is proposed.


Photovoltaic output Prediction Artificial intelligence Machine learning Deep learning 


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