Utilizing Deep Object Detector for Video Surveillance Indexing and Retrieval

  • Tom Durand
  • Xiyan He
  • Ionel PopEmail author
  • Lionel Robinault
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Computer Science book series (LNCS, volume 11296)


Intelligent video surveillance is one of the most challenging tasks in computer vision due to high requirements for reliability, real-time processing and robustness on low resolution videos. In this paper we propose solutions to those challenges through a unified system for indexing and retrieval based on recent discoveries in deep learning. We show that a single stage object detector such as YOLOv2 can be used as a very efficient tool for event detection, key frame selection and scene recognition. The motivation behind our approach is that the feature maps computed by the deep detector encode not only the category of objects present in the image, but also their locations, eliminating automatically background information. We also provide a solution to the low video quality problem with the introduction of a light convolutional network for object description and retrieval. Preliminary experimental results on different video surveillance datasets demonstrate the effectiveness of the proposed system.


Video surveillance Event detection Key frame selection Video indexing Video retrieval 


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