Study on Implementation of Neural Network Controlling Four Quadrants Direct Current Chopper

Part1: Using Single Neural Network Controller with Binary Data Output
  • S. ArofEmail author
  • N. H. Diyanah
  • P. A. Mawby
  • H. Arof
Part of the Advanced Structured Materials book series (STRUCTMAT, volume 102)


This paper describes the implementation of Artificial Neural Network (ANN) as chopper operation controller (COC) that is responsible for selecting the correct mode for a four quadrants direct current Chopper (FQDC) that drives a dc series motor. In turn, the direct curent motor propels an electric car (EC). The right mode of chopper operation is necessary for optimum performance and maximum battery power utility. The process starts with preparing the data for training the ANN controller. Then a MATLAB/Simulink model is established to test the performance of the trained ANN. The results show the ANN can perform the tasks of a COC successfully.


Direct current drive Artificial neural network Electric vehicle Electric car Series motor Four quadrants chopper 


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