Three Dimensional Simulation of Filling Process for Stacked-Chip Scale Packages

  • Mior Firdaus Mior Abd MajidEmail author
  • Mohamad Sabri Mohamad Sidik
  • Muhamad Husaini Abu Bakar
  • Khairul Shahril Shafee
  • Zainal Nazri Mohd Yusuf
  • Mohamad Shukri Mohd Zain
  • Mohd. Zulkifly Abdullah
Part of the Advanced Structured Materials book series (STRUCTMAT, volume 102)


Encapsulation is one of the key processes in electronic packaging in order to protect the integrated circuit chips from environmental and mechanical damages. The most obvious choice for the encapsulation process is transfer moulding due to its capability to mould small parts with complex features. An electronic package that employs transfer moulding is Stacked-Chip Scale Package (S-CSP). However, a computer simulation is one of the tools that could be used to simulate and predict the mould process. It is highly desirable in order to avoid the typical time-consuming procedure of mould design and process optimization by trial and error. In this paper, a fully three-dimensional analysis to predict the transfer moulding process of S-CSP encapsulation using a finite volume method (FVM) based software, FLUENT is presented. The proposed FVM simulation model is built and meshed using GAMBIT. Some simplification is done for the simulation model due to time consumption and the complicated geometry of the actual S-CSP model. In the analysis, the volume of fluid (VOF) technique was used to track the flow front of the encapsulation. The viscosity versus shear rate is plotted and the void formation problem is also discussed. The numerical results are compared with the previous experimental results and are in good agreement.


Stacked-Chip Scale Package (S-CSP) Finite volume method (FVM) Volume of fluid (VOF) Front tracking Void 


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Book Chapter

  1. 23.
    Modeling multiphase flow, FLUENT Documentation, Chapter 23Google Scholar

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  • Muhamad Husaini Abu Bakar
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  • Khairul Shahril Shafee
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  • Zainal Nazri Mohd Yusuf
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  • Mohamad Shukri Mohd Zain
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