Dog Anabasis

  • Spencer Golub
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This chapter explores phantasmatic memory (the bite that leaves a mental, not a physical mark) and the contested origins of phobia (dog origin stories) in personal and culturally diasporic history. Can fear withstand rational consideration? Isn’t this the point on which prejudice pivots? Walking (a figuratively uphill journey), meant to reinforce compulsive ritualized patterning to offset phobic imaginings, navigates between idea creation and thought dissipation. Golub experiences the phantom dog bite as a reality his “I” has devised to forestall further contact with what lies beneath the phantasmatically tattooed skin once it has been broken. He/His “I” is like the dog insomuch as the horror is inbred.


Phantasmatic memory Dog bite Dog origin stories Phobia Diasporic history Fear Prejudice Walking Compulsion Ritual Idea creation Thought dissipation Tattooed skin Inbred horror 

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