Plant-Assisted Fabrication of SnO2 and SnO2-Based Nanostructures for Various Applications

  • Mohammad Mansoob Khan
  • Mohammad Hilni Harunsani
  • Adedayo Rasak Adedeji


Fabrication of nanostructures, such as metal oxides, using a plant-assisted approach is very promising and safe for adoption in areas of biomedical applications, pollution detection, and pollutant degradation. The common methods of synthesis adopted in the past involve the use of hazardous chemicals that are not friendly to the biosphere and the living organisms. There are relatively fewer reports on the biosynthesis of SnO2 and on the recent progress with the plant-assisted synthesis of SnO2 nanostructures. This chapter presents a succinct account of the different methods of SnO2 synthesis and the various applications and performance status of the phytosynthesized SnO2 nanostructures.


Bioactive capacity Nanostructures Photocatalyst Plant-assisted synthesis Phytosynthesis Sensors SnO2 


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  • Mohammad Hilni Harunsani
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  • Adedayo Rasak Adedeji
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