How to Govern VSE Teams: Experiences Through a Model and Case Study

  • René Arévalo
  • Carlos MontenegroEmail author
Conference paper
Part of the Communications in Computer and Information Science book series (CCIS, volume 895)


The software development organizations need an understanding of the governance process and their practical approach to reach their strategic goals, a subject where there is a research opportunity. This study proposes a model type artifact to govern Very Small Entities (VSE) Teams for Software Development. The model design is based on COBIT 5 and IT governance best practices, with structural and dynamic governance components. The validation is done through the model application, in a case study, in a Public Sector Organization, using a SCRUM software process. The model application allows the appropriate responses to the software development needs and facilitate the solution of the problems in the project development. Besides, a survey shows that in a developing country, the model applicability can be generalizable. Thus, the study tests a tool for the practitioners and academics and contributes to the growth of the current knowledge concerning the Software Development Governance.


Software Development Governance VSE COBIT DSR SCRUM 


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