Towards a Better Training for Siamese CNNs on Kinship Verefication

  • Sellam AbdellahEmail author
  • Azzoune Hamid
Conference paper
Part of the Lecture Notes in Networks and Systems book series (LNNS, volume 64)


Kinship verification from facial images in the wild is a recent problem that received an increasing interest from the computer vision research community. Due to the limited size of the existing datasets, applying Deep Learning approaches results in a model that overfits to the training data, therefore, the purpose of this study is to reduce the degree of overfitting when training a Deep Learning model on kinship datasets. To this end, we propose a new training mechanism for siamese convnets, in which we train the model on all images from all types of kinship relations instead of training on each of these subsets separately, then we evaluate the model on each subset individually. Experimental results demonstrated that using this training method resulted in better performance compared to training on each subset separately, and allowed to achieve results comparable to the most recent state of the art approaches. This paper focuses on the impact of adding more data over adding the gender information by separating kinship relation types in different subsets.


Kinship verification Siamese CNN Deep learning Feature learning 


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