Tourism and Public Use Plan

  • Juanjo Galan


The Tourism and Public Use Plan of the Sierra Calderona Strategic Plan assumes and develops the methodology defined in the Plan for the Touristic Areas of the Valencian Region for the promotion of tourism in rural areas. According to this methodology, a set of objectives is proposed for the provision of services, for the more effective utilization of existing services and for the promotion of tourism. In a second stage, the plan defines a series of actions and programmes aimed at the implementation of the previously mentioned objectives. The Tourism and Public Use Plan is deeply interlinked with other sectoral plans, since visitors are expected to use or enjoy the elements defined in many of them. The plan also emphasizes the role that traditional villages and towns should play in the provision of touristic services, in order to foster compact urban fabrics and support their economic activity. The plan includes a pilot project promoted by a local entrepreneur and aimed at the establishment of a company specialized in family tourism.


  1. Galan J (2018) Analysis and strategies for sustainable regional planning: Sierra Calderona Strategic Plan, Spain. Cham-Switzerland, Springer Nature Switzerland AGGoogle Scholar

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