Landscape and Land-Use Plan

  • Juanjo GalanEmail author


Following the methodology proposed by the Landscape Regulations of the Valencian Region (Generalitat Valenciana 2004) and considering some useful references, such as the Strategic Landscape Plan for the Torrevieja and La Mata Lagoons Natural Park (Galan 2009); the Calderona area was divided into a series of landscape units and the main environmental, cultural and visual landscape resources were identified. The resultant information was essential for the definition of a regional Open Space System (or Green Infrastructure), which was developed in more detail in their urban sectors. This Green Infrastructure became a primary element in land-use planning, a regulator of urban growth and established an interconnected network between natural, agricultural and urban areas. In addition, the Landscape and Land-Use Plan of the Sierra Calderona Strategic Plan includes the following pilot projects: (1) Network of routes in the natural environment, (2) Náquera River Park, (3) Olocau River Park and (4) Landscape and Visual improvement of the CV333 road.


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