Governance and Implementation Plan

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The Governance and Implementation Plan of the Sierra Calderona Strategic Plan proposes the creation of an inter-municipal office for the Management of the Strategic Plan. This office would be jointly supported by the five municipalities that promoted the Strategic Plan and, in order to avoid extra costs, it would mainly utilize existing human and material resources. In addition, the Plan analyses different options to increase cooperation between the partner municipalities. These options include a commonwealth of municipalities, a consortium, a local action group and the definition of agreements for specific issues. From a broader perspective, the Governance and Implementation Plan reveals the increasing need to define new regional models of administration and governance, in order to deal with possibilities and problems that exceed conventional administrative boundaries. Finally, since the Sierra Calderona Strategic Plan is an informative and non-binding document, the plan explores different ways to link it with statutory Local and Regional Plans (Planes Generales de Ordenación Urbana and Planes de Acción Territorial) and with the Management Plans of the Sierra Calderona Natural Park.


  1. Galan J (2018) Analysis and strategies for sustainable regional planning: Sierra Calderona Strategic Plan, Spain. Cham-Switzerland, Springer Nature Switzerland AGGoogle Scholar

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