Spark Plasma Sintering of NiTi Shape Memory Alloy

  • V. SenthilkumarEmail author
  • C. Velmurugan


The NiTi shape memory alloy has a potential effect on smart fabrications such as actuators, biomedical, structural and aerospace applications. But the implementation of such SMA in these fields is very less, since an in-depth understanding of the working principle, thermomechanical behaviour and phase transformation characteristics of SMA is needed. The SMAs are functioning in two phases such as austenite and martensite which can be executed by thermal and mechanical loads applied on them. The parent structure of austenite is subjected to deformation and transformed into martensite due to thermomechanical load; when the load is removed, it is exposed to its initial austenite structure. This chapter reports the immaculate concepts of the mechanism of NiTi SMA, fabrication methods, applications and a detailed study of a rapid manufacturing tool of spark plasma sintering (SPS).


NiTi Shape memory alloy Spark plasma sintering Superelasticity Phase transformation 


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