Generic Client–Server Interfaces for Real-Time Remote Automatic Control Laboratory

  • Driss Filahi
  • Najib BennisEmail author
  • Soumia El Hani
Conference paper
Part of the Advances in Science, Technology & Innovation book series (ASTI)


This paper constitutes a contribution in Distance Education field’s (E-Learning), more precisely to the Distance Training by practical activities of the laboratory (E-Lab). Indeed, the majority of distance training platforms offer theoretical courses and a few practical activities which are essential in training theoretical Science and Technology. In this work, we propose a generic and open hardware/software architecture which permits remote access to a laboratory’s equipment. We detail the implementation and the use of two user-friendly graphical interfaces using Internet/Intranet network and TCP/IP communication protocol. These interfaces designed in MATLAB environment, work both in intranet and internet network. It allows to a learner a real-time control and supervision to carry out all the practical activity according to a pedagogical scenario elaborated by the trainer. The functioning of these interfaces is illustrated by educational sessions articulated on the Proportional–Integral–Derivative (PID) regulation and the Generalized Predictive Control (GPC) of the temperature control system. The challenge is to elaborate a remote practical activity taking into the pedagogical effectiveness is accomplished in the proposed solution. The remote training platform equipped by a specific hardware and software, allows to achieve traditional laboratory experimentations.


E-learning E-lab Matlab Client/server architecture TCP/IP Automatic control Supervision PID GPC 


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