Reflections on the Ends, Ways, and Means of Maritime Security Cooperation in the South Atlantic

  • Ralph Espach


The chapter discusses risks and potential benefits of greater maritime security cooperation in the South Atlantic. It does so with a focus on Brazilian interests and efforts and approaches the topic with the assumption that Brazil could lead this endeavor, which in recent years has been the case. The issues discussed are informed by observation of maritime security cooperation efforts by other navies, especially those of the USA, with partner nations around the world including in the South Atlantic. The aim is to bring to the attention some lessons from other nations’ experiences promoting maritime security cooperation, so that efforts in the South Atlantic enjoy a greater likelihood of success.



Director of Latin American Strategic Studies at CNA, a public, not-for-profit policy and operations research centre located in Arlington, Virginia, in the USA. The author’s opinions do not reflect those of the US government or Navy. The author would like to thank US Navy Captain Leonardo Day for his helpful review and insightful comments.

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