Laparoscopic Total Colectomy with Ileostomy for Benign Disease

  • Anders Tøttrup
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Total colectomy with ileostomy is the preferred procedure for nonelective surgical treatment of ulcerative colitis. When performed as an open procedure, a long midline incision is required, extending almost from the xiphoid to the pubic symphysis. There are obvious advantages of a laparoscopic procedure, such as shorter hospital stay, reduced formation of adhesions and lower risk for later hernia development. In addition, the significantly reduced female fecundity after open surgery seems avoidable when a subsequent restorative procedure is also carried out laparoscopically.


Ulcerative colitis Laparoscopic surgery Colorectal surgery Total colectomy Ileostomy Patient position Port placement Advantages 

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  • Anders Tøttrup
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